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POWEROIL® Topaz L 70
POWEROIL® Topaz L 70
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Industrial ChemichalSpecificationPOWEROIL® Topaz L 70 (TECHNICAL GRADE WHITE OIL) is a young white oil formulated from highly hydrotreated base oil which is colorless, tasteless and odorless. Meet US FDA 21 CFR 178.3620 (b) requirements for (+25) Saybolt colors & UV uptake. Application: POWEROIL® Topaz L 70 is suitable for use in processes that require clear white oil. They found extensive use in textile processing (non-staining lubrication), incense & perfume manufacturing, plastics, paper and cosmetics industries, several oil-based formulations, hair oils, hair lotions, shoe polish and petroleum jelly manufacturing industriesDescriptionMade in Ex IndiaWeight 177.4 KgDrum Packaging

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