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Sodium Bicarbonate
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Food Chemichal
This compound is also called baking soda (baking soda), Sodium bicarbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, and others. ... This compound is used in bread or cakes because it reacts with other ingredients to form carbon dioxide gas, which causes the bread to "expand".
Benefits of Baking Soda for Beauty
1. Acne Face Care
2. Whiten the skin
3. Skin Cleansing Soap
4. Remove Oil on the Face
5. Black Spots Removers
6. Cleanse Dead Skin Cells
7. Brighten the Armpit Skin
8. Clean the Nails
9. Natural Scrubs
10. Hair ConditionerBenefits of Baking Soda for Health
1. Natural Mouthwash
2. Mouth Odor Removers
3. Body Odor Removers
4. Treating stomach acid
5. Itching removers due to insect bites
6. Reducing the effects of sunburn
7. Tooth Bleach
8. Refreshing tired legsBenefits of Baking Soda for Household Use
1. Clean the bathroom from germs and stains
2. Fire extinguisher if the fire exits the cooking path
3. Stain cleaner on clothes
4. Cleansers of Fruits and Vegetables from pesticides
5. Clogged Household Channel Cleaners
6. Cleaning the Napkin from stubborn stains
7. Microwave Cleaners
8. Remove odors in the refrigerator and maintain the freshness of the food
9. Jewelry Cleaners
10. Eliminate Gossip Stains
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Netto 25 KG
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